Plymouth Furniture new sign in 2021
Food Pantry Entrance

About Fairfield Plaza Mall


Fairfield Plaza Condominiums started in the late 1970's as one building. Schultz Brothers built a Prange Way. Prange Way was a department store. After Prange Way closed as Kmart in Plymouth was gaining more business.

McDonald's came to the Fairfield Plaza in the early 1980's. Later Sentry Foods was added on the East side of the Fairfield Plaza Mall and later Hong Kong Island Restaurant and Absolute Tans filled in the space between Prange Way and Sentry. After Prange Way closed that space was empty for years until Plymouth Furniture, Plymouth Hardware, a fitness center and Hill & Bein TV & Appliance moved into the old Prange Way building. Eventually Hill & Bein closed due to retirement, the fitness center left, a US Cellular cell phone store moved in and Plymouth Hardware closed.

Sentry closed in the late 1990's and Plymouth Furniture put their first Clearance Center in that space. After St. Vincent De Paul moved into the old Sentry Foods space Plymouth Furniture moved their Clearance Center where Plymouth Hardware was. Since then US Cellular moved and Plymouth Furniture and their Clearance Center took over the entire old Prange Way building. In 2016 St. Vincent De Paul constructed a massive three story addition to their space adding a drive thru for dropping off donations.


Fairfield Plaza Today

Due to a well maintained mall, being at the one of the best locations in Plymouth, Fairfield Plaza has kept full occupency since St. Vincent De Paul and Plymouth Furniture moved into the mall.

Unit 1

Plymouth Furniture, Inc.

Food Pantry Entrance

Unit 3
St. Vincent De Paul

Fairfield Plaza before Life Point Counseling

Unit 2

Cafe and Lifepoint